Little Impressions are taken of the hands and/or feet and the casts are hand finished with your selected wording and framed ready for you to display. Although most Little Impressions are of babies and small children, there is no age limit to having your impression made.

Our service is totally bespoke so we can create virtually anything your require. Please do not hesitate to discuss any additional requirements you may have. Your appointment will last approximately 15 minutes and your completed, framed impression will be ready to collect in about four weeks.

What is Little Impressions?
Little Impressions create unique, hand crafted and hand made impressions of childrens’ hands and feet. They are highly detailed and presented in a solid oak frame – to ensure they last a lifetime and beyond.

How do you take the impression?
We use very soft clay to take the impression. It is not harmful in any way, and indeed for older children can be good fun. For toddlers, we recommend parents tell them in advance so it isn’t a surprise.

How long does it take to get to get our Little Impression back?
They are normally ready after 4 weeks. We will contact the customer individually to arrange for them to collect their Little Impression from us or delivered to their home.

How old should my baby be when I have the impression taken?
There is no age restriction, we have taken impressions of babies as young as two days old. When you choose to have impressions taken is a personal choice. Similarly, there is no upper age limit, so we can take impressions of all the family, wedding couples and grandparents!

Do you sell kits?
Highly trained professionals create little Impressions and as such it is not appropriate to sell DIY kits. Taking quality impressions is very challenging, so to ensure we provide high standards to our customers all Impressions are taken by our staff. It would be very difficult and time consuming for customers to create the look and finish of our products, not to mention the quality solid oak frames that are a standard feature of Little Impressions.

How do I buy Little Impressions for my friends?
Gift vouchers are available.